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Pink Penis Parade

Hail the Penis

In the minds of foreigners, the Japanese have an alternative sense of sexuality that is not easily understood by the contemporary western mind. Where you can find video games rewarding you with participating in rape, vending machines that offer preloved underwear, and ofcourse Bukake. (I prefer not to hyperlink that one)

The Pink Penis Parade is not a wicked cultural manifestation for an excuse to drag a Pink Penis around streets. However, It is an ancient Shinto festival to honour fertility, prevent STI’s, and to raise money for HIV research:

(From Weird Asia News)

The Kanamara Matsuri, which translates to “Big Iron Penis Lord,” is celebrated during the first week of April in Kawasaki, Japan. The event concludes on the first Sunday of April, which this year ironically coincided with the Christian holiday of Easter. So while many Westerners celebrated by eating chocolate eggs and chasing bunny rabbits on April 3rd, the Japanese paraded through town with a big, giant penis.

The festival, which has been held since the 1600s, centers around the legend of a demon that, according to Wikipedia, “hid inside the vagina of a young girl and castrated two young men on their wedding nights.” In retaliation, the young damsel sought the assistance of a blacksmith, who in turn built an iron penis to combat the demon.

This led the Shinto people—Shinto is a form of spirituality practiced by over 90% of Japan’s citizens—to build a giant penis shrine that prostitutes would visit to seek protection from STDs. In due time, the shrine became portable and thus a festival was borne.

Yum Yum.

It has come to suggestion that some of these folklore may have influenced some of the variations of accepted sexual practices in Japan today. In the folklore quoted above the key words that have come in my mind were: Demon, Hid, Vagina, and Iron Penis -It almost sounds like a plot for a Hentai movie.

But I have to admit, how insane would penis shaped weaponry be? I mean the notion of an aggressor attacking you, and you can whip out your penis shaped mason, and beat him (not in other way) to a penis bashing pulp. Awesome.

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