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Paulina Cerilla – Acoustic Yum Yum.

I’m infatuated with Usher’s new song OMG, and recently with most songs produced by Will I. Am.

I admit his lyrical talent may only be limited to the topics of checking out women, comparing their aesthetic genes to be derived of their mothers, and engaging in sexual activities with women. However, his composition instrumentally which lately has much electronic synth influence, has made wanting to get up each time and awkwardly try to dance like a black guy.

So instead, to cover my inability to dance, I am able to strum a guitar – mediocrely. So I usually go on my routine of finding covers of songs, and here I find this young beauty and her impressive cover of Travis Mccoy’s Billionaire and OMG.

Before the male readers start thinking of anything dirty, she’s fourteen. Yes, I don’t believe it either. Hailing from Houston Texas, this lass has appeared in small local shows like America’s Most talented Kid, and has won awards such as Best Pop Singer in Houston 2009, and Best Country Singer in 2009.

If your into Justin Bieber and underaged Pop artists you can download some other covers and original songs of her website

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