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The Pressure of Procrastination

Human beings need a jolt of excitement to motivate them to proceed in whatever goals they choose to achieve at the end of the day. Motivation is a desire to do something because you want to. Its fuelled by inspiration, aspiration, and at most times intimidation.

As you are reading this, there is most probably something that you are putting away from, because you suffer a lack of motivation of doing it. This works vice-versa whilst writing this rant. Whether its that financial report due for a meeting tomorrow, a three thousand word assignment due Friday, or even cleaning up the house, we all leave these menial duties relegated to back of our minds, only to achieve them when necessary.

Procrastination. The act of putting off something for something better. Something more entertaining perhaps? Our psyche stems its desire to find an activity, object, or person that enthrals our interests to keep us concentrated with our reality. Our minds selectively choose the things that stimulate our neurones over that is considered boring or arduous. Put in simple context, would you rather stare blankly at a MS word screen, or read an rant from an amateur writer trying to convince you about his view on procrastination. I rest my case.

By leaving things aside, we forget what should be prioritised, and we are left unorganised with the tasks that we are required to do. Chaos, panic, and anxiety fill our emotions. We are left scrambling now, since we’ve left it ‘to the last minute’.

Interestingly enough, this jolt of pandemonium has come as form of obscure motivation. The pressure of failure, of being defeated, has startled your interests to finally concentrate what you were meant to do. Scrambling through the raw data, the scholarly journals, and the unwashed dishes, there is adrenaline in your system to commit to these humdrum routines.

Many react in this manner, they say that its the only way they can work. There has to be  a threat of some sort for these people to function. The situation can always be seen as a similar image – A cup coffee, the clock reading 3:30am, and a heart rate beating abnormally hard with the rhythm of anxiety.

There are the types that are able to be self-motivated, well-prepared, and focused. They need not to worry of such ordeals. Where instead, they fear the pressure of such situations, and choose to eradicate the distractions, and put the order of important tasks into action much earlier. I am in full envy of  these individuals.

A lack of a shower, A messy apartment, and a pile of ‘real’ work is scattered around my table. I am experiencing such a situation of procrastination.

My list of ‘Things to Do’ is piling up, and all I read of it is ‘Nothing’.

Ignorance Is bliss..Right up to the last minute.


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