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Did I write this last night?

One toasted monkey

Its Friday night.

A sudden sensation overcomes my senses. My natural emotions switches from work to play, and a feeling of boredom of staying at home is a habitual feeling.

The understanding that the world around me is rejoicing that the weekend has arrived. The weekend is a temporary period to let of some steam, from the stresses of the week that has riled up the tensions found in my aching body.

Some choose to eat out tonight, while others choose to drink their tensions away.

Around the world, there is a ritual on Friday night, the socialites and those who seek an escape from reality, hoard themselves to the various night spots to forget the stresses of the week.

In Melbourne, Those of asian ethnicity, find themselves at the various organized ‘Asian Nights’ held weekly at popular nightclubs “Eve’ and “Seven’ to socialize around with similar cultural peers.

I found myself inactive,  and needed to something to do to forget the the arduous week. I found myself at ‘Eve’ nightclub which is conveniently situated behind my apartment.

With every male human, there is a desire of a few objectives when going out on a Friday night; binge drink, enjoy commercial hip hop/ dance music, and/or the chance to meet new people, specifically women, to either, achieve their number, and hopefully get laid.

I arrived at Eve nightclub. A popular nightspot that the Asian community congregate on a Friday night. The queue is spectacularly long and the crowd are seen as a homogenous identity spread with faux Mohawk hair, and the ambition to strike lucky tonight.

The girls wear high heels to disguise their real height, and tight, short dresses to show off their legs and derrieres. Whilst the guys portray their ego with their stern facial expressions, forcing their shoulders back, to give a a larger masculine figure, in attempt to to lure attention from the opposite sex.

The dim lighting of the club did not allow for extensive examination of the physical beauty of the women in the club, but even so, it would been a lost effort to approach these creatures, as their reserved nature would leave you down trotted with failure, being ignored and eventually a lack of motivation in effort to attempt to try to pick up.

A beer in hand, and a few ABC shots digested. My confidence grew inside, charisma was glowing, and the sexual frustration was mixed with my male ego. I needed a cigarette, and proceeded to the outdoor smoking area.

I sat down on the wooden benches, beside me was a pale faced girl, with a sharp reconstructed nose, complemented by a cute face. She looked across and with an embarrassed smile.

I asked how her night was, with the slight intention of attraction, she politely answered ‘I’m OK’, leaving with an awkward shy expression, and looked away with a evident blush. She wasn’t attracted, I smiled, and enjoyed my cigarette.

As I looked around the room, I noticed that I wasn’t the only male trying to force small talk with the females in the club. Many forcing to be interesting, and trying to be worthwhile of the girl’s time.

But to find that they’ve been pushed aside because of their reserved nature, and constructed to understand to ‘not to talk to strangers’.

Those who attended in a group found an ease to talking with women. When within a known collective, people find themselves to feel comfortable, which accentuates social confidence when conversing with one another.

It seems that the Asian personality is quite reserved. Where breaking out of the ‘known‘ or familiar social sphere is a pariah idea, and that one should not trust a total stranger. Where people limit themselves of knowing new people, which has to be pre-approved by a mutual friend or by their group.

Meeting new people is a limited agenda. Unless you have stunning charisma, stunning looks, or an expansive social connection. Don’t imagine to create a connection with total strangers at an Asian night.

Asian women are to shy to play in the games of seduction, (with the exception of the locally born Australians of Asian decent.) These sort of social gameplay is as foreign as meat pies in China.

Confidence and charisma will get you everywhere. It won’t get you laid tonight. Unless you’re established within the various segregation of groups, that is. You’re silly and cheeky play of words, and attempts of a pick up line will give you five minutes of fame, however, will regress you to an awkward reaction and relegated to being ignored.

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Founder of shriekingmonkeys - My interests span from quirky culture to anything that dares to amuse my highly-desensitized nature.

One response to “Did I write this last night?

  1. TheForce ⋅

    it’s more fun to read your gonzo style writings…….you should try to write more when you’re not sober, it reminds me of hunter s thompson

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