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Skank Pants

With shows like Jersey Shore and the musicians with likes of Ke$ha being idolised, the idea of dressing like a tramp has become a popular idea. If you are a female in a Western democratic country, showing of your thong underwear explicitly triumphs your self-confidence, and your loose sexuality.

Japanese designers Sanna’s Brazilian Fashion have designed such fashion that accentuates such a floozy image that can transform any respectable woman to one that probably has a butterfly tramp stamp tattoo.

Very Tasteful

Described on as ‘sexy’ and ‘stylish’ these pants are available to buy online through their website for AU$80. Sandra Tanimura, designer at Sanna describes their inpiration of these unique jeans:

“We specialize in making low-rise trousers and our customers wanted them to get even lower. It was very difficult meeting these demands without the trousers falling down. I came up with the idea of using the bikini strings to let the trousers hang really low without falling”

If you feel the need to be slightly outrageous, or the need to imitate Lady Gaga, or even Snooki – You should consider buying these pants NOW. Fuck yes.

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One response to “Skank Pants

  1. FU3K ⋅

    FU3K! thats hot as shit. insta boner.
    dayum. asses be rolling and strollin free..

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