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Kuta Cowboys

"Hello Beautiful Girl. You want me?"

The life of the beach bum is one that I find quite envious. Lazing around on the soft sand, basking in the warm allure of the seaside sunshine, and having no care of the troubles of the world. I’m especially jealous of the beach boys that hang around in Kuta beach, Bali.

Bali is an escapade for tourists in search for white sandy beaches, warm equatorial weather, and for some great scenic attractions and partying spots. For some, Bali is destination for love. At most times, unattached, forgettable, and with a taste of guilt left in the morning.

At Kuta beach you’ll find the ‘Kuta Cowboys’. Groups of tanned, sandy haired, toned bodied, local pretty boys; who are seen strumming away at their acoustic guitars and on the prowl for lonely western women who want a ‘good time’.  Their cheeky allure found by their infallible pick lines such as, “Hey, hey, you. Beautiful. I Luup you,’ seems to work with these frustrated middle aged western women.

They’ve earned a reputation of being gigolos on the beach. Searching for ladies unlucky in love, and in need for some comfort and a ‘release’. Their cause may be seen in positive light, bringing excitement to the experience of Bali, however, they’ve gotten some bad rep from local authorities who want to shut this ‘prostitution’ ring down.


In an attempt to put a stop to the prostitution and gold-digging, police officials immediately launched a raid on Bali’s beaches, resulting in a net arrest of 28 suspected beach gigolos. Many people have since lashed out against the government-directed raids.

Singaporean director Amit Virmani recently released a documentary entitled ‘Kuta cowboys’ (or ‘Cowboys in Paradise’), in which he documented these relationships for the public to see. The film’s release was met with a torrent of fury from tourism and government officials alike.

Here’s a preview:

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