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A Play in Bed

    Hello beautiful Dancer of the Night
    They are flowers laying their brighter wings
    A Beautiful Silence comes when their mouths lay
    He slides down whispering to her tunnel of voice
    She breathes heavily listening to what he touches
    With eyes closed only laughter is among their rescue
    His adventurous hands is used as a comb
    His curious hands is used for her beautiful support
    She walks her fingers to his chamber lair
    His mouth touches her sun and her mountains
    She reveals a dancing smile while gripping his pride
    Her mountains are often left with compliments
    His ambitious mission is to build her heat
    Their lips are often soft and often approached
    Writing and acting in their own world
    They begin to dance very playfully
    With giggles and smiles like a musical play
    Her mouths both speak of heavily breathing
    He gently pushes for her silent praise
    She strums him like a beautiful guitar
    He writes on her little sisters a poem
    She writes inspiration on his tower
    He sings loudly and gently in her safe
    These flowers laugh and tickle one another
    He whispers “Hello my Beautiful Dancer”


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