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Acronym of the Day: FFK

You’ve made a promise with a friend. To meet up cordially for a couple of drinks on a Friday night to wind up from a rigorous week of turmoil from work. The time and meeting place has been committed, and you’re getting ready for a good night out. When you get to the place, late. You find that the person is still not there.

So you ring your friend, three times. And all you hear is the grimly sound of the dial tone beeping through your handphone, and you realise:

” Cibai, Fucker FFK Me lah weii.”

What FFK stands for is “Fong Fei Kei”. Its Cantonese for, ‘those who betrayed or broke a promise/deal made with another party’. In short, it means you just got your ass stood up.

The acronym can be used as Verb:

“That girl FFK me. I so sad. She promised to meet me here but never show up also!”

Or as an Adjective:

“Dealing with FFK people really fed me up.”

Everyone has been stood up or FFK before, and have been the perpetrator of FFK’ing someone. Its a socially accepted bad habit, that really works on the integrity of being reliable and honest.

What you find when being FFKed is a series of excuses, explanations, and long winded apologies, on why the person can’t turn up. You find that some of the alibi’s are either unbelievable,”Sorry Dude, Can’t come lah, I was helping my Dad fix the TV and now my back pain”.

Constructed flawlessly: “Sorry Dude, Can’t Come lah. I was about to go, and then my dad call me back to fix the TV. So I had to  bend over and put the wires in. And then when I wanted to stand up I bang my back on the edge of the table, Damn pain. Then I wanted to call you but I had no credit.”

Or even too straightforward, “Dude, I can’t be Fucked going.”

FFK – An annoying and peer accepted habit: Yes.

Probability that people will amend this bad habit, and become reliable people who keep their promises: Most probably not.


About Ariff Azmi

Founder of shriekingmonkeys - My interests span from quirky culture to anything that dares to amuse my highly-desensitized nature.

2 responses to “Acronym of the Day: FFK

  1. Diane ⋅

    “…. but i had no credit”.
    fuckin classic

  2. BadassDaz ⋅

    mate i have to say that your writing has evolved to a higher level of utter bullshit. I have to get you a trophy for the best bullshit i’ve read so far.

    Coming a close second was the contractor application manual to Shangri La hotel.

    I do believe you forgot the best possible response to anything – CBF ( can’t be fucked/fuckered) which is the upgraded version of CBB – (can’t be bothered).

    Like i said, great bull excrement. see you when you touch down home.

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