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Cartoon Addiction: X-MEN

That’s right. To hell with Skins and Glee. It’s time for a flashback.

The 1990’s X-Men animated series collection is in my hands. I’m prepared to rape the couch and watch it all the way. C’mon, I know you’ve watched it, and I know you enjoyed watching it. Reminisce with me.

To begin, here is the main members featured in this series of X-Men:

Cyclops, Scott Summers.

Storm, Ororo Munroe.

Best, Dr. Henry “Hank” McCoy.

Jean Grey, Jean Grey.

Rogue, Anna Marie.

Professor X, Professor Charles Francis Xavier.

Gambit, Remy LeBeau.

Wolverine, James “Logan” Howlett.

Jubilee, Jubilation Lee.

The excitement is pee-in-pants-able. Aren’t you? Wouldn’t you be? I am.

The series never fails to excite, with so many familiar faces that keeps you at the edge of your seat. Drama that compels, love triangles that frustrates, dilemmas, and world-ending foes (not to mention out of this world ones as well).

There is so much history and research that has gone into creating X-Men. With the early years, right up to this very day, it never ends. One thing that ticked me off was the costumes and the whole plot for the recent X-Men trilogy movies. The outfits were horrible and inaccurate, plot was pretty much off and characters not properly matched (Rogue a weakling? Hell No!). How Jean became  Phoenix wasn’t even mentioned.

However, fret not my fellow followers, with the X-Men series, you will find out much more. The truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. Did you know Juggernaut is Professor X’s brother? Did you know Cyclops meets his father, Corsair? Do you know how Phoenix came about? Did you know Jean died and was revived?  So much to learn.

I will not explain go further into the story or how the plot enfolds, that you must do by watching it.


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