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Hipster Mannequins

By the time you’ve walked through the entrance, your eyes gaze in either shock or amazement at the various outlets surrounding you. Bright LED signboards, a plethora of China-made products, and LMFAO resonating through the hallways – with its cheesy chorus almost sounding looped by the amount of stores blaring it out of their speakers.

Yes, you are in Sungei Wang.

Since its opening in 1977, the mall has become an icon in Bukit Bintang. It is well known for its variety of products under one roof, including cheap clothes, shoddily made soft toys, pirated video games, fake watches, hentai comic books, dingy tattoo parlours, and seedy video arcades.

But one thing that really catches the eye is how the mannequins are dressed, with some of the clothes they wear relegate the most fashion-forward hipster to an average schmo.

Mannequin #1: “Brah, your cap’s pink?”
Mannequin #2: “Well nigga, at least it ain’t screaming PEDOPHILE like your shirt”

Stars and Stripes shorts – In or Out?

Translated as the ‘River of Wealth’ Plaza, its not hard to see why it has become a symbol of consumerism in Kuala Lumpur with the various unique products offered.

The mall has even transcended further by germinating a sub-culture in Malaysia, giving birth to the ‘La-La and Ah-Beng’ scene.

In observation, the mannequins are slightly conservative on the lower floors catering to the older shoppers.But as soon as you escalate up to ‘T-zone’ also known as the ‘Trendy Zone’ – the visual merchandising do not shy-away, but scream and shout in your face with their attire.

Couture fashion?

2nd floor – The shop is crowed with fashion-forward guy mannequins. I question their sexuality.

This is Alfie from East London, he was bored of the ‘mainstream’ stuff in Tophop.

So what is ‘bad’ fashion and what is ‘good’ fashion anyways?

It is subjective to every individuals taste and perspective. But in our opinion, if you look at those photos above and go, “Well, they’re pretty fashionable!” – In honesty, we’d dismiss what you’ve tasted and show total disregard your social perspective.


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