Cartoon Addiction: X-MEN

That’s right. To hell with Skins and Glee. It’s time for a flashback.

The 1990’s X-Men animated series collection is in my hands. I’m prepared to rape the couch and watch it all the way. C’mon, I know you’ve watched it, and I know you enjoyed watching it. Reminisce with me. Continue reading


Vaccination of Death

For Better or Worst?

Although it has long died down now, but have you ever thought of scheduling for the A(H1N1) vaccination?

Hear me out, and decide your fate.

Last year, 2009, a new strand of flu virus, A(H1N1), caught the world by surprise and alarm bells were ringing front and centre. Apparently various parties such as the WHO and the UN were on the case and were immediately looking to come up with a vaccination ASAP, indeed they did.

The world was in their hands.

According to Jane Bürgermeister, an Austrian journalist, “documented how an international corporate criminal syndicate plans to unleash a deadly flu virus and institute a forced vaccination program” (Nimmo, July 2009).

With the A(H1N1) creating a scare all over the world, it will consequently lead to an introduction of a compulsory vaccine. Hence, it has. An earlier warning from Ghislaine Lanctôt, a Canadian doctor, that the elite and those beneath them will soon introduce a compulsory vaccination that will contain a deadly virus and this will be used specifically as a eugenics weapon for “massive and targeted reduction of the world population” (Nimmo, July 2009). Again, I stress that the vaccination has been released, and made available to us. Think twice.

In 1976, there was also a previous swine flu outbreak, which was later established by the Center for Disease Control that the virus originated out of Fort Dix in New Jersey due to an introduction of an animal virus into a stressed population in close contact in crowded facilities during a cold winter. A nationwide vaccination campaign was launched. However, what resulted was numerous people came down with Guillian-Barre syndrome; a paralyzing neurologic illness, after receiving the government-hyped vaccination. Funny enough, the initially feared pandemic (1976 swine flu) never did occur.

Last year, it was reported that, “A top scientist for the United Nations, who has examined the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Africa, as well as HIV/AIDS victims, concluded that H1N1 possesses certain transmission “vectors” that suggest that the new flu strain has been genetically-manufactured as a military biological warfare weapon (Nimmo, July 2009).

In April 2009, Army criminal investigators were looking into the possibility that disease samples went missing from biolabs at Fort Detrick. In accordance with the swine flu scare, and the new strain’s possible synthetic origin, the fact that virus samples went missing from the same lab from which the 2001 anthrax strain was released is extremely disturbing and boggling.

Lastly, as was said by Jane Bürgermeister, that “the entire ’swine flu’ pandemic business is premised on a massive lie that there is no natural virus out there that poses a threat to the population.”. She presents evidence that leads to the belief that the bird flu and swine flu viruses are in fact bioengineered in laboratories using funding supplied by the WHO and other government agencies, among others.

This ’swine flu’ is a hybrid and mix of part swine flu, part human flu and part bird flu, something that can only come and be developed  from laboratories according to many experts.

This is an excerpt from an article i found I regretfully only found recently on, written by Kurt Nimmo. The article intrigued me because I myself was scheduling an appointment for a vaccination. However, lucky enough, curiosity got the better little ol’ me.

I know now that there is always a hidden agenda.

Lie Puffing.

Leak from the old beak,

Promises that will seek,

One too many, will they ever meet?

Pinocchio  even turned flesh and meat.

Burn the lowly tip of thy stick,

Watch it ash bit by bit,

Don’t you see the rip?

Life puffs away at your lips,

It ends as quickly as it lits.

Truth is what He knows,

In Him we trust.

Bloody Karma

Look up upon the sky,

It’s like you never try.

Far it may seem,

It is, what we dream.

Perfection is thy reflection,

Blood is not without affection,

Shattered by unjust deception.

Words thy speak pierce backs,

As God is just, shall He break their backs.

Truth is Almighty, God is He.

In him we trust.

Karma is a bitch

Water and Blood

(photo by ~curi0us-bLasphemy)

Blood is thicker than water.

There is an assumption is that the bond of those related by blood is stronger than the bond of friendship or marriage.

One of the earliest sources to this so called ‘truth’ and understanding is seen in the medieval German beast epic by Heinrich der Glichezare – His works when translated into English is understood as: Kinblood is not spoiled by water.

Even so, I stand strong on my point that this superficial belief that blood relation is always thicker or so called more important than those of none, is nothing close to a sunny disposition.

Is blood really thicker than water? Scientifically, yes. It is said that healthy blood does not float; therefore it is heavier than water. Question is, what if the blood is so called ‘unhealthy’ to begin with, or rots away day by day?

An adult human body is made up from 60-75% water, while the brain is 80% water. Blood, about 90% water. Evidently, water carries life energy in human beings.

Simple to say that water is your lifeline. Even blood depends on water.

Blood is not necessarily always at the top of the hierarchy. I believe the meaning of ‘blood’ has to be more than simply biological. It comes with the emotional dependency as well as physical dependency.

Clear cut, adopted children as well as step-children, they are considered family and share the same rights.

A family is not just by blood

‘Blood’ relation is created through emotional support, where each member of the family feels the tie through love, care and understanding. Superficiality is evident in today’s families.

Families tend to implode, simply because the bonds created become too intense. Trust, love and honesty in families just simply do not float on the same boat. There is always pressure within the family, to adhere to the norms. However, each individual develops and grows with individual personalities, which may or may not be accepted as a norm.

Conflict. Break point.

Other relatives (uncles, aunts, cousins) usually comes into the frame and drops turd and scum everywhere which taints family relations.

In a family, it is amazing how at one point when all is dandy, everyone is one and united. When shit stirs; fingers start pointing, mouth start gossiping, and trust, love and honesty is nothing but a joke.

Lies. Deceit. Betrayal.

It all comes down to life experiences that either attaches or detaches someone from family ties.

With so much Love, can Hate be present?

Weather the Storm

Dancing in the storm.
Shelter is just a pawn.

Heart the heavy pour.
Nay one foot nor paw.

Ride the rowdy pony.
Straddle the phony.

Know heads will roll,
Realise thy heart is gold,
God if fair God is just,

In Him we trust.

Lost and Found

Immortalized in Time

They seek at the peak,

but only found one another,

lost from together,

indeed they did, but no longer.

Calm embun sips through the air,

brings about a beginning for the pair,

plainly genuine, the laughter and care,

with the warmth creeping, never to break the day,

as it is immortalized in memories relived everyday.

Thank you for your time for my piece of mind.

(Clock design by: Sandy Mastroni)