Hipster Mannequins

By the time you’ve walked through the entrance, your eyes gaze in either shock or amazement at the various outlets surrounding you. Bright LED signboards, a plethora of China-made products, and LMFAO resonating through the hallways – with its cheesy chorus almost sounding looped by the amount of stores blaring it out of their speakers.

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Dangdut, Dangdut, Dangdut.

“Yo! Goyang Goyang”

Its culture is one that higher-middle class Indonesians cringe about, but it is very much a quintessential element in Indonesian culture. If you were to visit Jakarta , the array of nightlife is vast – The selection of nightclubs and bars span from the swanky to the downright dodgy.

So you’ve consulted your Lonely Planet guide book, and it refers you to a ‘popular’ nightspot that offers cheap drinks and popular western music. What you find when entering the club, is a room packed with hookers and seedy looking South East Asian men, rocking out to some sort of music that sounds like Euro trash techno grilled up with hardcore amphetamines.

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Ride a Fucking Bike.

Rebels on the Road

Driving the roads of Kuala Lumpur is no easy feat. The numerous cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles cutting in and out of lanes makes commuting a daunting task in the capital city. On the road accidents are a common sight, reckless driving and speeding are the causes of the high road death toll each year. Undoubtedly, Kuala Lumpur is not a safe place for cyclists to be pedalling around the intensity of KL traffic.

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Cartoon Addiction: X-MEN

That’s right. To hell with Skins and Glee. It’s time for a flashback.

The 1990’s X-Men animated series collection is in my hands. I’m prepared to rape the couch and watch it all the way. C’mon, I know you’ve watched it, and I know you enjoyed watching it. Reminisce with me. Continue reading

Acronym of the Day: FFK

You’ve made a promise with a friend. To meet up cordially for a couple of drinks on a Friday night to wind up from a rigorous week of turmoil from work. The time and meeting place has been committed, and you’re getting ready for a good night out. When you get to the place, late. You find that the person is still not there. Continue reading


Oh nice, poo.

Ever sat on the toilet, and thought of devouring a delicious steak while you’re taking a shit? Well, Now you can. In Taiwan, there are a chain of restaurants called the ‘Modern Toilet’ that would like to change your imagination when someone tells you to ‘Eat shit’. Customers enjoy their food sitting on toilet seats, whilst eating their ‘diarrhoea noodles’ served in a toilet bowl, and wiping their hands with toilet paper. Continue reading

With those Prices, You Should Really Quit (But you’re not gonna)

Expensive Drug.

The Sin tax.

For a smoker it is seen as a harsh punishment of the reality we have put ourselves under. A punishment tormenting the time we first lit up, either from trying to look cool when we were teenager’s, or discovering the habit through a stressful situation, or even from instances of peer pressure. The rise of cigarette prices have enraged, shocked, and most probably caused more people to light up in stress with the absurdity of the prices.

The Australian government has kept smokers trapped with an ultimatum: Pay more or Quit

Quitting is hard, much too hard for many smokers. Many just can’t be bothered to rise up to the challenge. The health benefits are obviously a massive reason to quit, but to exterminate a ‘companion’ that keeps you calm and confident when trying to achieve the other challenges in your life, is too much of a sacrifice.

The strongly addicted must succumb to the punishment of being seen as a dirty, unhealthy smoker and now has to pay a hefty price tag for his forced lifestyle choice. Surely the economic burden is another strong incentive? But no, ignorance is too blissful, money can be made, and life is too hard and docile to experience it for too long.

Mind you this is not a article to suggest my fellow smokers to Quit.  I would be a hypocrite to say so. You and I know it is actually within our own choice and mental strength to kick the habit.

I have been motivated to buy loose tobacco. It is the economically way of smoking these days. I trade the accessibility of packet cigarettes to rolling my own. Thinking about the situation now, I find strings of frustration. Somewhat, ironically in a positive manner.

I am frustrated that I can’t roll a proper cigarette,

I am frustrated that I have to succumb to buying loose tobacco,

I am frustrated because of the prices,

I am frustrated that I am a Smoker.

“Fuck. I need a Cigarette.”