Skank Pants

With shows like Jersey Shore and the musicians with likes of Ke$ha being idolised, the idea of dressing like a tramp has become a popular idea. If you are a female in a Western democratic country, showing of your thong underwear explicitly triumphs your self-confidence, and your loose sexuality.

Japanese designers Sanna’s Brazilian Fashion have designed such fashion that accentuates such a floozy image that can transform any respectable woman to one that probably has a butterfly tramp stamp tattoo.

Very Tasteful

Described on as ‘sexy’ and ‘stylish’ these pants are available to buy online through their website for AU$80. Sandra Tanimura, designer at Sanna describes their inpiration of these unique jeans:

“We specialize in making low-rise trousers and our customers wanted them to get even lower. It was very difficult meeting these demands without the trousers falling down. I came up with the idea of using the bikini strings to let the trousers hang really low without falling”

If you feel the need to be slightly outrageous, or the need to imitate Lady Gaga, or even Snooki – You should consider buying these pants NOW. Fuck yes.



Senyum Kambing

The man grinning in the picture is Dato Ibrahim Ali.

He is a Malaysian politician and the president of the extreme right wing Malay Rights movement association ‘Pribumi Perkasa Negara‘, which translated is the ‘National Mighty Indigenous’ association. The establishment of the organisation was created in the principal of defending Indigenous rights, and establish a platform for Malays regardless of their political affiliation to discuss the issues faced with the social economic contract and Malay rights.

Recent assemblies have  included the discussion of issues such as regulating a proper method to tie a sarong, enacting an act for all Malays to wave a keris upon meeting a minority, upholding Malay identity with accordance of the  3R concept “Rogol, Rempit Rasuah“, and a debate from their youth subdivision about the topic “You can Drink and take Drugs, but Pork will burn your intestines.” (these activities, based on factless yet imaginative, calculated assumptions).

Ibrahim Ali appeared on Al Jazeera’s piece recently to voice the Malay perspective on the issue of minority discrimination in Malaysia with the current policies withstanding in Malaysian legislation:

“Don’t talk shit” was the most spirited, and valid response he could stutter. His dissatisfaction and intellectual reasoning in debate could be summarised in three fiery metaphorical words – not to splutter out faeces when your mouth opens. And yes, he said it three times, to clearly put in our minds (especially the minority population in Malaysia):

“Don’t fuck with Ibrahim Ali.”

We understand that in television editing, the producers or journalist would select the responses that would suit their story angle, usually picking a extreme conservative and extreme liberal view on the issue to meet with a centrist, and unbiased viewpoint on the issue. The fact that media organisations should act in high integrity in choosing the most definitive and comprehensive arguements, leaves me cramping in laughter flabbergasted that throughout the whole interview, and throughout the rapid fired stuttering: was the best response that they could flush out this guy?

In dedication, and in parody to his strong willed attitude, we here, give you all you need to hear from Ibrahim Ali:

Wicked Aura Batucada @ Prince Bandroom


One glance at their Mohawk haircuts and black outfits, you might think that Wicked Aura Batucada is a punk rock band. But if you’re from Singapore, you will be very familiar with this 6-year-old band.

This thirteen-man outfit is a one of a kind, funky percussion army. Ranging from school music teachers to a police officer, this band is made up of strong men (biceps included) in their mid 20s to mid 40s who have travelled several continents with their performances – in countries like Spain, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, South Korea, China and Thailand.

Wicked Aura Batucada was recently in Melbourne to open for The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra’s debut, Afro-Beat album launch at The Prince Bandroom; St Kilda’s on March 13th 2010.

Upon hearing the crazily synchronized drumming skills of the band, one might associate this band with the movie, Drumline. But give it a couple of minutes later, it completely overshadows that thought when this band bursts out with groovy beats and yes, even vocals by frontman, Idham Budiman, that will excite your pulse and jolt those sleepy feet and got every one dancing to their songs.

This percussion band includes a guitarist and a bassist and played smooth and groovy tunes like “Brothers Gonna Work it Out” where the Wicked boys swayed sexily with their instruments on stage to adrenalin-pumping and energy-boosting original like “Fight” to end their set with a bang.

Wicked Aura Batucada truly satisfied the crowd with a full hour of awesome funk that is perfected with the years together as a band which included a tambourine trio display as well as an electrifying guitar solo.

Be sure to don their signature black and green colours at their next gig and wicked it out!

Check them out on their Websites:

Wicked Aura Official Page


I fucking love Chiddy Bang

Watch out for these Cats

A follow up with our review earlier: Here’s Chiddy Bang‘s New Video for their song Opposite of Adults:

Fresh acts like Chiddy Bang bring the genre of Hip Hop alive and relevant again.

This writer’s brushing off his old Nike shoes and got his old Pop and Lock moves happening in the clubs again..


Joe’s Place Hartamas: New Boys on the Bloc

Fantastic Food on Four wheels.

KUALA LUMPUR:  Two years ago, two brothers from a small kampung in Kedah dreamt big to have their very own café in the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Today, they have one of the most successful cafés in the Hartamas area – Joe’s outdoor café.

Juhairi Khalid along with, his younger brother, Fauzi Khalid has long planned to open an outdoor café that catered to the young and trendy crowd.

Since arriving in Kuala Lumpur a couple of years back, Juhairi has always contemplated on creating a unique and interesting café to attract a new wave of customers.

Today, the Dream still lives on, as Joe’s outdoor café is becoming the new hotspot for residents in the Hartamas area.

Joe's in its Parked Glory

Co-owner and younger brother, Fauzi Khalid said “the reason why we chose Desa Sri Hartamas as our location was because of the people. Hartamas is like New York, this place never sleeps!”

Their outdoor style café has since gained accolade and the name Joe’s is synonymous with the local crowd in Hartamas.

Juhairi then added “Hartamas is the place where teenagers love to be. When you say hangout –they say Hartamas!”

Joe’s unique style of café welcomes the old and new generation of people to come and enjoy their services.

With a fusion of the Middle East, the café’s layout puts a twist to Arabian designs with Middle Eastern carpets and delightful shisha, while also keeping the Malaysian mamak trend.

Sisha Goodness.

The streaming crowd of customers every night requires a staff of about 8-12 to keep the place running smoothly. Each staff member carries out a certain responsibility for the café that gives Joe’s the merit of having fast and quality services.

“I always value the quality of service that people provide and I myself want people to value the services I can provide them”, said Juhairi, about his thoughts on customer service.

Their trademark yellow van offers many different varieties of traditional Malaysian foods. However, keeping current with the new trends, Joe’s café introduces their own specialties, like the funky Murtabak or Joe’s famous homemade burger, a must try at the café.

Azmi Ariff (no relation writer ariffjunior), a regular at Joe’s, believes that the café has brought many great memories and a feel-good vibe to him and his friends.

“It’s because of a place like this that makes me feel like I belong somewhere, and no other place treats me with such care and respect like Joe’s”.

Since the cafés opening in April 2009, seven months have passed; the place is still crowded every night with people from a diversity of races and backgrounds.

The dream that became a reality, Juhairi and Fauzi received an abundance of recognition which was more than what they bargained for in such a short period of time.

Fauzi believes that Joe’s is only a stepping stone, and that there will be more to come in the future.

“It was like a dream come true for me. I never would have thought that so many people would come here all the time, every night! But I guess when you believe in what you’re selling, people will support it and believe in you too”