Ride a Fucking Bike.

Rebels on the Road

Driving the roads of Kuala Lumpur is no easy feat. The numerous cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles cutting in and out of lanes makes commuting a daunting task in the capital city. On the road accidents are a common sight, reckless driving and speeding are the causes of the high road death toll each year. Undoubtedly, Kuala Lumpur is not a safe place for cyclists to be pedalling around the intensity of KL traffic.

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Muzika Musim Luruh @ Prince Bandroom

Its not hard to catch a great gig in Melbourne.

With its expansive music scene you can find the best crop of music here. St Kilda, with its abundance of bars and clubs around Fitzroy and Acland St,  is a great place to roam around if you want to catch some great live acts.

Hujan taking stage

The Prince Bandroom comes as a forefront, with the venue having showcased some of the best talents, boasting memorable shows, and a guranteed great time. Its stage having being graced by the likes of Jack Johnson, Coldplay, Scissor Sisters, and Lenny Kravitz to name a few.

Last Wednesday, Malaysian artists took over Prince’s stage, and showed Melbourne that there is great talent brewing from the South East Asian nation. The event, ‘Muzika Musim Luruh‘ translated as the Autumn Music Fest, brought the Malaysian community in Melbourne together, who were eager to get their oratory senses pleased.

The gig had a “Battle of the Bands” competition showcasing some fresh acoustic performances with acts like; Adi and Wani, Flu, Just So You Know, Yamud, and winning acoustic act Have you Seen Nelson.

The winning acoustic group played a snippet of The Presets “Don’t Hold Back” and left the audience confused when the vocalist picked up her phone throughout their set, which actually was a shock intro for their cover of Lady Gaga’s hit song “Telephone”.

Electro rock band Super Metronome took the best Vocalist award, impressing audiences and judges with their synth inspired sounds, but admitted that their intention was not to compete but just to perform. The other bands who blasted the amps that night were Punk rockers Last Minute who played covers of Blink 182 and Sum 41, and Hardcore rock band Hell storm who simply put, raised hell with their aggressive vocals.

Accompanying the stage were some established artists, with some of the acts jetting down under to perform at the three year old festival.

The crowd were left singing along with the sweet vocals of Liyana Fizi, who performed songs from her old band Estrella such as “Ternyata” and “Stay”, and the smooth sounds of Bo Bedroom Sanctuary who provided a great cover of Nirvana’s ‘Lithium”.

Bo (Real name Amir Iqram), expressed good feelings about performing Muzika Musim Luruh and being in Melbourne,

“I’m Loving it,” He said.

“Its (Muzika) a brilliant platform for independent artists to showcase their talent and to get some exposure…call me back here next year!”

Local Melbourne band Broken Scar pumped the audience up with their energetic punk rock and onstage guitar antics,and Hujan enthralled the audience inspiring the crowd to jump around and shout back memorised lyrics with their hit tracks “Pagi Yang Gelap” and “Aku Scandal”.

Hujan Vocalist Noh thought that Muzika Musim Luruh provided great exposure for Malaysian artists overseas.

“It is important especially for bands like us to get out from Malaysia to show our talent.” He said.

“We want to show Australians that Malaysians can also rock out with some modern flavour” said Hujan Guitarist Am.

The night was blessed with musical flavour, a mixture of fresh independent artists with popular Malaysian artists which gave a great blend of sound. But what spiced the sambal flavour of this music festival, was the old school bands that graced the function.

Kugiran Di Tepi Pantai brought some nostalgia to the stage, and played some surf inspired rock that had the essence of what your parents would be two-stepping to in the eighties. Whilst The Pilgrimz made the crowd groove and sway with their Ska punk rock, and both bands made the underlying statement that old bands will always be the defining cats of cool surpassing time.

Malaysian music may not be well known expansively throughout the globe, however, the night showed that there is some auditory artistry being flourished within the Malaysian community.

With Zee Avi and Malaysian born Che’nelle breaking into American markets, it proves that all it needs is a little exposure to create a successful following.

Musika Musim Luruh was such an event, and provided a platform for these acts to shine. For those individuals who can strum a guitar, or the bands who think they’re good for the public, sign up and perform for next year’s event.

Kudos to the event organizers for a successful and smooth running show.

Having massive talents leaving their mark on its stage, the Prince Bandroom had yet another gig showcasing some amazing music and entertaining another crowd. Melodiously warming up the chilly Melbourne Autumn weather, the acts proved that Malaysians are musically inclined, and know how to conjure up an entertaining show.

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