Acronym of the Day: FFK

You’ve made a promise with a friend. To meet up cordially for a couple of drinks on a Friday night to wind up from a rigorous week of turmoil from work. The time and meeting place has been committed, and you’re getting ready for a good night out. When you get to the place, late. You find that the person is still not there. Continue reading


Wicked Aura Batucada @ Prince Bandroom


One glance at their Mohawk haircuts and black outfits, you might think that Wicked Aura Batucada is a punk rock band. But if you’re from Singapore, you will be very familiar with this 6-year-old band.

This thirteen-man outfit is a one of a kind, funky percussion army. Ranging from school music teachers to a police officer, this band is made up of strong men (biceps included) in their mid 20s to mid 40s who have travelled several continents with their performances – in countries like Spain, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, South Korea, China and Thailand.

Wicked Aura Batucada was recently in Melbourne to open for The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra’s debut, Afro-Beat album launch at The Prince Bandroom; St Kilda’s on March 13th 2010.

Upon hearing the crazily synchronized drumming skills of the band, one might associate this band with the movie, Drumline. But give it a couple of minutes later, it completely overshadows that thought when this band bursts out with groovy beats and yes, even vocals by frontman, Idham Budiman, that will excite your pulse and jolt those sleepy feet and got every one dancing to their songs.

This percussion band includes a guitarist and a bassist and played smooth and groovy tunes like “Brothers Gonna Work it Out” where the Wicked boys swayed sexily with their instruments on stage to adrenalin-pumping and energy-boosting original like “Fight” to end their set with a bang.

Wicked Aura Batucada truly satisfied the crowd with a full hour of awesome funk that is perfected with the years together as a band which included a tambourine trio display as well as an electrifying guitar solo.

Be sure to don their signature black and green colours at their next gig and wicked it out!

Check them out on their Websites:

Wicked Aura Official Page


Travel Western Australia in a Taxi

Hi! I'm an Australian.

Its March, the stretch of Chinese New Year celebrations and long weekends have long passed and everyone’s slotted back into their regiment of being enslaved in the office, starting school or uni, and the aura of blandness has kicked in with your life. When this happens, everyone needs some sort of jolt to get their motivation flowing again, and what’s a great way then to go on holiday? How bout Western Australia?

No Cash? Not a problem, has started a riveting competition for those who are in need for an interesting holiday, and a fan of freebies.

“We are looking for a passenger to embark on an extraordinary taxi ride on a record-breaking journey of a lifetime in Western Australia!

We’re looking for you to spend 4 to 8 days on one of the legs of this truly epic journey WORTH up to S$20,000/RM45,000! For playing your part, you will achieve fame, fun, and maybe – a fan club without paying a cent!

You and your companion will be personally driven by Western Australia’s most talented taxi driver around Western Australia, travelling through some extraordinary places, taking in some of the most extraordinary sights and experiences on earth!

You’ll be able to tell a good story, share a joke, and not be shy about playing up for the camera as you could end up on TV.

If you think you have what it takes to be part of this historic journey, nominate yourself for this extraordinary taxi ride NOW!”

Entice you? go to their registration website at Be the Passenger, and try your luck!


What do you call Home? Is it the place that you reside in, or the place that you find the most comfort? Whatever it is, sometimes we take Home for granted, we forget that the essence of a Home is where we find our contentment, inspirations and utmost happiness.

Its a place that you go to see the faces that you care for (and even love) and a place that you can relax and care not of the reality of the world. Each person should always remember that – Home is where the Heart is.

(Thus,  You should always be thankful for what you have.) – But this is the basis of my misunderstanding:

Why, the young adult Singaporean, do you take home Club for granted?

home is where my heart is.

It was Friday night, shriekingmonkeys rode down South to Singapore to see how our Islander neighbors party. We were greeted by our Singaporean counterpart RJ, who detested the superficiality of the main area of Clark quay.

“I’ll take you where the real party at” exclaims RJ.

We trotted past the bright lights and glamour of Clark Quay, passing the wails of foreigners being flung up into the sky on the bungee ball, across the river were the roaring sounds of drums accompanying a large crowd watching a Lion dance show for Chinese New Year.

Upon reaching home, we were greeted by the dulled music of Phoenix being played inside, as a morbid fan of the french band, I started getting excited. There were about forty people of small groups of young adults sitting outside having a drink, but upon entering the club, we were greeted by emptiness of physical being, but the extent of fullness of the Kooks being played.

random, but cool.

The drinks were cheap (A bottle of vodka is about $100, and champange $120) and the playlist kept on putting me in awe.

The electro remixes of The Cure, The Smiths, The xx, Gossip, The Ting Tings, MGMT, Magic numbers, Sigur Ros, Yeah Yeah Yeahs(If I could remember I would list everything, but by this point, I was wasted Chigga!) – kept the atmosphere alive that night, even though there was probably only fifteen people inside the club.

I was amazed and appalled by the turn-out of this prize winning club – It frames itself as an ‘underground’/indie club, but where are all the underground/indie kids?

entry doorz

“Its pretty fucking empty most nights man, the last time I saw the place packed is when they hold events, even that it won’t get as packed as Barsonic (zouk) in KL.” RJ explained.

Trying not to gawk, I reiterated that it would be a waste if a club like home we’re to fail because of the lack of customers. People in KL crave for what home has to offer – Great music, cheap drinks, friendly staff, and awesome set up.

So why does no one go?

I strongly disbelief that Singaporeans are musically retarded. You have the blessings that great international acts coming to your shores, minus the Killers (pussy’s). However, I do understand that most Singaporeans would go to Zirca or Zouk or other clubs in the Clark quay for a night out – I plead and completely suggest that you should give this cozy and intimate club a time of your day/night.

To put it simply : It is fun

So remember Home is where the heart is, so why not adopt another one, and put your heart at home

"small, but with CHARACTER" - Nik Johann, happy,happy Malaysian customer.

happy bunch of monkeys