Oh nice, poo.

Ever sat on the toilet, and thought of devouring a delicious steak while you’re taking a shit? Well, Now you can. In Taiwan, there are a chain of restaurants called the ‘Modern Toilet’ that would like to change your imagination when someone tells you to ‘Eat shit’. Customers enjoy their food sitting on toilet seats, whilst eating their ‘diarrhoea noodles’ served in a toilet bowl, and wiping their hands with toilet paper. Continue reading


What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?

I fucking love Lamb Chops!

Feeling fucking distasteful at your creativity in the kitchen? Or feeling fucking spontaneous of what to eat for fucking dinner tonight? Get to ‘What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?‘ and let the fucking internet tell your fucking stomach what it should fucking eat for dinner. If your still don’t fucking agree, click on ‘I don’t fucking like that’ and the fucking random search modulator will find you something you will fucking like.

Give it a fucking go.

Thanks to jordanhc for the fucking link.