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When emphasizing on the word ‘Drug’, one would naturally relate to negativity and start thinking of the banes that are found by street dealers; Marijuana, Ice, Erimin 5, Ecstasy.

A definition of a drug is a substance that has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body in particular:

  • A Medicine – A pharmaceutical prepared drug i.e. Panadol, Valium, Viagra, and Xanax
  • A Narcotic or Stimulant (often illegal) – The stuff you’d imagine you get from a dark alleyway or from a dodgy individual.

When someone invests in a drug its because they have some sort of problem, a headache, sleep disorder, erectile dysfunction. All drugs are considered stimulants due to the effect they produce in the body system, they alter the course of how your body functions, either increasing or decreasing a certain chemical to produce a ‘positive’ effect towards your problem.

A drug that is considered a narcotic has the exact same qualities – where someone invests in it because they have a problem. Either because they are bored with sobriety or to seek a solution to their ‘problems’.

However in both circumstances, if taken in moderation it can serve positive effects to an individual. But because humans are susceptible to ‘liking too much of a good thing’ they become Drug addicts and Drug abusers.

Drugs are found everywhere, it does not constrict to anything that is taken in a pill, syringe, powder, or syrup. There are stimulants found in other forms, let’s take coffee – it contains the chemical caffeine, which is stimulant that keeps you awake. How many of you consume coffee?

It is evident that the formation of society is surrounded in consuming Drugs. We’ve had artistic geniuses whose work has been influenced by  Drugs – Hunter S. Thompson, Ernest Hemingway, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles.

They’ve embraced drugs as a core of their creativity, however they can be considered as serial addicts and abusers, which eventually led several of them to insanity and death.

Drug abuse can be found in both illegal and legal substances

Xanax is primarily used to treat moderate to severe anxiety disorders and panic attacks, and is used as an adjunctive treatment for anxiety associated with moderate depression. A large-scale nationwide USA government study conducted in the USA, Xanax are, recreationally, the most frequently-used pharmaceutical, with 35% of drug-related visits to the Emergency Department.

Erimin 5 shares similar purposes as Xanax, it acts as a  hypnotic, anxiolytic, sedative, and skeletal muscle relaxant. However, it is illegal because of the chemical evident in Erimin 5 – nimetazepam, which has a high level of toxicity in long usage.

The chemical benzodiazepine found in Xanax reacts faster through the blood system and gives the individual a quicker ‘euphoric’ feeling.

Both drugs were developed for individuals who suffered anxiety, lack of sleep, and concentration.

Xanax received legal approval while Erimin 5 was aborted (however produced illegally). However, when both Drugs are consumed by a ‘normal’ healthy individual – it sends euphoria through the roof. Put simply, it makes you very,very happy.

Happiness = Fun.

Where can you find these Drugs?

Xanax can be legally prescribed to you from you physician at clinic if you suffer the symptoms that deserves the drug, whereas Ermin 5 can be arranged by knowing the right people and meeting them at dingy places to get the pills.

Since I don’t know ‘the right’ people’ Aizat Z. and I decided to investigate how easy is it to get Xanax, and to see how well my acting skills are (I deserve an Oscar):

Corrections: 1] Free drugs meaning with the consultation

2] It only costed RM25 not RM50

Legally prescribed to ariffjunior.

What happened in the office, is that I approached the doctor looking dejected with my body language showing that I was weak and weary. I sat down in the patients chair beside him and we went with procedure.

“What seems to be the problem?” The doctor enquired.

“Well Doc, I’ve been anxious the last few days, and I haven’t slept for, fuck, four days,” I answered nervously. “Its been affecting my work, and I just can’t concentrate anymore.”

I cupped my face in my hands looking like a person in serious need of medication. The doctor assessed my body language, saw my dark eyebags, and assumed that I was stressed and was nervous. (what he didn’t know was I was nervous because I was faking it).

“I need to check your heart pressure” He said.

He wrapped the sleeve around my arm, and squeezed on the pump, as the sleeve deflated, he read my pressure.

“140, pretty high… I believe this is related to the lack of sleep which is the result of the tension in your body that is caused by stress”

(The reason why my blood pressure was higher is because I am a smoker, and I had a cigarette before I entered to clinic, the added nervousness maybe added to that reading. The fact that I am a regular at this clinic, and my medical history is readily available shocks me that he didn’t check my history.)

What proceeded caught me with even more amazement.

“Have you had any anxiety in the past?” He asked

“Yes,” I stuttered, “I’ve had this when I was younger, I was prescribed Xanax to calm it down, and I got better, but I haven’t been on it for a while now.”

He scribbled ‘Xanax’ on my patient card,

“Well, I’m going to give you Xanax, but take it only before you sleep, and in moderation, as it has addictive qualities.”

“Alright, anything doc, I just really need to sleep.” I replied.

“This will help you sleep, hopefully this will help you out.” He said, looking sympathetically at me.

“Thanks doc.” I said.

My consultation took less than ten minutes, I stood up abruptly and proceeded towards the door, what the doctor didn’t see, was the big smirk across my face, partly due to success, and mostly due to amazement on how easy that was.

The nurses at the counter gave me six pills of Xanax. It costed me RM25

Six pills of Erimin is around RM60

Both share a similar euphoric ‘high’ – But which one is way more economically efficient?

As Aizat Z and I left the clinic we took more photos for evidence purposes, approached the nearest bin, and threw the Xanax away.

We were amazed on the fact on how the standards of Duty of Care in prescribing such a dangerous drug was so slack. I assume lying to your doctor is illegal, (and I felt horrible for doing so). But it clicked to me that if I did that as a bad joke, what happens if a genuine drug abuser were to DO EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

I did that because I heard that this was a common activity from different people, thus forth, many people have done this before me. Doesn’t this click to the doctor that: There are an abnormal amount of Malaysians who are anxious?

I will not assume anything else, however I stress that the doctors must take a stricter procedure when prescribing dangerous drugs, because luckily this time in landed in this monkeys hand, and not in the hand of a drug abuser.

In the wrong hands.

ENDNOTE: WE at shriekingmonkeys CONDEMNS and DOES NOT ADVOCATE the usage of NARCOTICS  or DRUG ABUSE.  The behaviour that was shown in the video, was done merely to provide evidence to strengthen our points, and to mediate such events to make the people in KL a little less dumb.


If the video/article seems ‘seditious’ or suffers any legal ramifications I will remove it immediately.


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