Kopi Monopoli

These days when you crave a cafe latte or a cappuccino you would most probably head down your nearest Starbucks. When you feel like kopi puteh, some roti bakar, or maybe a bowl of telor separuh masak, the first place that  would most probably click in your head would be Oldtown Kopitiam.

Both places are modern and trendy, and maintain the authenticity of the coffee/cafe culture. They practice efficient service, and their food and beverages are at a decent  price. Not to mention that the food is pretty good.

However, what I dislike is the larger social factors of these ‘mega’ cafes, is that they force the small business owners aside because of their monopolistic nature, which many of these family run restaurants can’t compete.

Born in Ipoh, manifests in Melbourne

Oldtown White Coffee models its restaurants based on the Chinese coffee stalls found in Malaysia. Their idea was to bring the larger public back to these coffee stalls, whilst keeping it modern and authentic at the same time. What happened, was a success, with 141 Oldtown Coffee stalls opened in Malaysia, and 2 in Melbourne.

However, the issue is that they have taken a huge portion of this market, and have priced their products so cheaply that the Original kopitiams (which inspired their business) cannot compete with their level of competitiveness, and are slowly fading away and closing down.

Maybe these Old kopitiams need to catch up with modern times, maybe by installing a Wifi modem or having a computer system to enter in orders, but really, that would tarnish the authenticity of these original stalls. Where the long history and people, who’ve been brought up dining at these coffee stalls, have influenced an asian coffee experience which has been deeply embedded into Malaysian culture.

It would be a devastating thought to see these classic coffee shops disappear thorough modernization, but the reality seems very much so. The memories of and images of these historic shops will one day be found only in pictures, probably hung around walls of an Oldtown Kopitiam.


Boxing Day Recap

After all the turkey has been devoured, and the countless bottles of wine and champagne consumed, you would expect a quiet day on Boxing day, recuperating from the excessive eating and lagging hangover. But no, society fights the lethargy, sculls a bottle a red bull and prepares themselves for the extremities that follows in the morning. This phenomena that pushes the human to be fueled by adrenaline is known as Boxing Day Sales.

Anxiously waiting for discounted madness.

The photo above was taken at six in the morning, a hoard of about 300 consumers, waiting for the gates of Myers to open up. The fact that people actually woke up or stayed up to catch discounted products, amazes the hell out of the writer. I understand the saying ‘That the early bird gets the worm’ – but this is ridiculous.

Merry Christmas.Bitch.

A large street brawl occurred outside the entrance of CQ bar at Elizabeth and Little Collins St in Melbourne at 2:30am today, which caused injuries to several bystanders and bouncers of the club.
The cause of the fight is unknown, however it is understood that the bouncer disallowed entry to a group of youths who appeared aggressive and intoxicated. It resulted in the group of youths attacking the bouncer and several security personnel.
Police arrived at the scene several minutes after the riot, making several arrests and pursuing the individuals who had fled the scene. It was said that the service of alcohol was mismanaged and individuals were served when they appeared heavily intoxicated.

All I want for Christmas is…

I want you tied up with a bow. And only a bow.

Another year has gone and past, and with Christmas tomorrow, it starts the countdown till we say good bye, and to some, good riddance to 2009. For this young writer, it has been about relocation, reformation and recalculations (especially in the relationship department). Looking back, the decisions that have been made in 2009 have been tough. However, it has been the smartest and most positive choice that has ever come across the writer. In summary, what has been learnt in 2009, is that:

“You have to give up some things, to gain other things in life”

It was a tough lesson learnt, but somehow provided greater opportunities and larger pathways in 2010. And for that, the writer is reminiscent, and feeling positive for the upcoming year, especially in improving in the writing department.

So, first on the new year’s resolution is: the Commitment to this blog, to provide interesting, quirky (and awesome ) articles and stories, every single day from January 1st.

So, Goodbye and Good riddance 2009.

And hello 2010. This is going to be one hell of a New year.

Oh so you can play guitar? You’re a faggot.

We live in a generation where it is way more impressive to see someone ‘rock out’ on a plastic guitar,drum set, and turntables. Gone are the days where you’re considered cool if you played electric guitar or some sort of instrument, nowadays its cooler if you can achieve a 500 note streak on extreme mode. The Guitar Hero/Rockband and now DJ hero franchise is mind numbingly fun and addictive to play. It has become such a massive influence in social behaviour, that just by purchasing the video game (with all the controllers) can get you more friends, and even get you laid.

This can be you. Sexy beast.

Spend a couple a weeks parked on your couch, tapping away at the red,green,blue and yellow buttons, and in matter of a time, you can become a rock god – “A Guitar Hero”. Doing Massive knee slides across your living room floor when you activate ‘Star power’, and attempting a leap of fate off your couch while you hit that epic solo.

The greatest selling point with these instrument simulation games, is time efficiency. It plays on the fact that every average human being as child and teenager, always dreamt to be musically gifted, however due to genetic discrimination, we are imposed with our drab, dull and average lives. Apart from those ‘gifted’ individuals who rock out crowded shows, fuck supermodels, and score free booze and drugs, We, the general (average and boring) population, are stuck in reality where we have to meet deadlines and achieve ‘goals’. So then, who has the time and effort to learn an instrument to a level of mastery? That’s where [insert instrument] hero comes in.

You play real guitar? FAG!

So in the comfort of your home and couch, and with a minimal amount of time and effort, You become Slash, perform with Radiohead, or mix like Daft Punk. Your dreams of Mega stardom is superficially fulfilled, and the feeling of being good at something, and of achievement, is awkwardly felt.

So what if its made from plastic, and doesn’t actually omit actual music.

If It resembles an instrument, and if it makes you look like you can play it well, then it is real. Keep rocking.

Southpark Guitar Queer-O episode 14 season 11 @ http://www.allsp.com

Watch it!

Children’s Holy Book – A better reality?

Some books you buy for your kids, are just pretty much simple meaningless books, with hope that they would achieve better sense of grammar and develop a wide sense of vocabulary from this particular book. As eccentric as this may sound, I would like my future generation to have some sense of awareness in the basic form of wrong and right about life. Lets face it, even if you gave a complicated children’s book in hope for them to learn some morales from it, you would need to read it in order to actually guide your kids. Question is, what the fuck is the basic awareness of right and wrong your children want to know of?

I was scouting a lecturer’s Facebook picture albums and found one particular picture of a children’s book. Be prepared to have quite a shock of what is provided for the young eyes of our generation.

Sneak peak

The link for the full story of the content of the book, link : http://www.lyzard.com/2007/07/28/and-kids-really-read-this-is-that-normal/

Now for opinion sake, after reading most of the content provided by the link, I am interested in knowing your opinion if you would actually buy this book for your children. It’s bizzare but the idea must have consist some sense of rationale of why is that the author of this book decided its good for children. I believe its basic knowledge of awareness

Here is what I think about what a kid could, should and would learn from the outcome of reading this book, with proper guidance that is;

#Read only once you have read the book through the link I have sent you.

  • It would be tearful and negative for  any kids to endure watching parents argue but they would not feel alone if they read about these problems in a book to relate.  (page 2-4)
  • The first and obvious clue of what molestation is without a doubt utterly wrong. (Page 7 & 23)
  • Being uncertain of yourself growing up is normal and being able to put your ego down by seeing a therapist about self discovery path of yourself is not wrong either. (Page 12)
  • A black man as a therapist being able to help you out. It goes without saying, but you would be surprise of the encounter I have come with a few ignorant and arrogant people who has rejected professionals based on their race. (page 12 – 23)
  • If you don’t like being called names like ‘Faggot’, ‘Sissy’, ‘Queer’ and etc, they would have some sense that they wouldn’t pick on anyone the same way either. (Page 9)
  • There is no such thing as even though in any relationships even friendship, arguments would not happen as MUCH. Not never. (page 22)

That is the most amount of lesson I could think of  (lord knows there’s more seeing there are a few missing pages) that a kid could understand. Not in this long structured words, but its explainable for children. Overall I actually see this book as a positive outcome for children, with guidance of course. But I would not say it’s rather too much for a kid to endure. Unless of course, if you don’t share this positive reasons of the book and don’t consider yourself liberal enough to accept these lessons, I reckon you don’t buy the book then.

After sharing my views and expressing my positive welcome to the book, the only reason why I would not buy this book would be the price. Apparently according to my lecturer it’s very expensive. I have no idea or clue how much is expensive, but it is expensive. Fuck.

However I do admit that a child’s imagination is most vital and important to have and this sort of thing should never get in the way, but as caution and basic sense of right and wrong. What I believe in, at least.

Now, in your own comments, would you recommend this as a modern-day bible for your children after thoroughly referring to the book, and to my reasons why its positive.


Diary of an Adrenaline Junkie

There was this phase of life, self discovering path in the age of 18 till the present time how perhaps the most ridiculous and mindless dangers you could ever put yourself into, is the same as breaking a cage open and watching yourself get away with it. I do admit, I am an actual compulsive adrenaline junkie, mindless to the bone of certain actions I have done and somewhat discovered the ultimate definition of what self determination would proceed greatly from the outcomes of  activities of an adrenaline junkie.

It wasn’t the way or an interest of what I did that could make me a man. It was just the simple saying ‘Lust for life’. You could be compulsive by being prim and proper, restrictions of sense or even set a few rules that closes many doors to an ultimate experience. But you know damn well, if you jump in a pool, forget the fact that you will get wet, You want to get wet. You don’t want to die and meet a generation of old people who sees you with no scars and no experience of struggle and hardship like they did. Fuck no! Its just humiliating.

This self proclaim rules I consider to be philosophical, is a whole different vanity and pride. It will shape you for what you are later on and it works. You could proudly stand on the edge of a cliff and breathe a part of the sky, that no one dared to breathe.

These self proclaim wise rules are:

  • You do not need fast cars or muscles to be one, just ambitious braincells.
  • Don’t exaggerate when you fear for the worst. The saying “its too good to be true”, it works both ways.
  • Break A leg
  • Confidence will only help you minimize the chances of breaking a bone or geting hurt. It doesn’t prevent it. Accepting that as a fact, will make you braver.
  • Life is like a cigarette, smoke it to the butt.  – Matthew Lewis, British Gothic Novelist
  • You should always consider ambitions the same as how a bird would consider freedom. Don’t be afraid to actually fly.
  • Always remember that words are not originated from courage, its actions that defines you as a person with courage and strong will.
  • Beauty is never permanent, it ages. Scars and bruises never ages. You’ll remember them.
  • Never believe that prevention is better than cure. You get hurt, scratches, you fall, you make mistakes, you bruise horribly. You learn your lesson, therefore Cure eventually leads to prevention.
  • The word ‘weird’ reflects truly on those who speaks and no actions.
  • He who makes a beast of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man. – Samuel Johnson, English Author
  • Ask yourself, would you rather tell your future generation a story of how you graduated like the rest of the millions did, or a story about a scar that only you as one person ever did.
  • You will only live life once. ONCE. Remember that
  • Accidents is very similar with the supernatural, it only happens if you really believe in it.
  • Ask yourself, do you really wanna spend the rest of you life, every minute of it, obeying and following rules?
  • Self doubt is the first wall you should jump over. Failing that, break it down.
  • Go ape shit. Apes climbs and jumps on tree’s and its way above from the ground. Go ape shit.
  • Muscles and appearance is never an armour.
  • Learn to laugh at your pain and mistakes, you would wanna feel it again.
  • If putting salt into wound helps out in the end, why not?

These rules are meant to be followed if your quest is seeking the ultimate definition of freedom where it basically beats the idea of reading ‘Freedom’ from the dictionary. You could purchase ‘Herbs Airlines’ at the back of your house that resembles a sign, “Danger! Parent zone nearby” and ride the thrill of getting away with it leaves you a story worth telling. Its a memory that does not involve appearance or the wonder of mind if it was wrong or right. Its the fun you have just experienced at that moment. Period.

Why not.

Booze and McDonalds

This is Southbank, Melbourne, Mcdonalds at  four am in the morning. It doubles up as a garbage dump, community spew bucket and fight club (see video on my Facebook). It was ironically an appealing atmosphere, I’ve never seen Mcdonalds so dirty, repulsive, and uncomfortable before. The place was crowded with revelers from Eve club across the road, which brought in all the drunks into the restaurant who needed their big mac fix.

What was amusing in Mcdonalds, is noticing people’s facial reactions after they sobered up from their drunken haze and realise that the person they hooked up with was actually the most grotesque thing they have ever seen. It really shows how much a well lit room assists with beauty perception. So why do clubs really need to dim their lights to an almost visually impaired level?

Well I believe if it gets the general population of average, fat, and ugly people hooking up, then its a good thing. It gives the average joe/jane a chance to hook up with the hottest guy/girl in the club.

However my advice, is firstly, to realise how much you have drank, second, to always do double take, third, if you still can’t make your mind with the double take, talk to the person and bring them to a better lit area, and then make that decision to either run and scream, or invite them to the party in your pants.

I may sound superficial and naive, however, I’m a strong believer that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you should never judge a book by its cover, but I’m stating that that your perception of beauty becomes horribly altered when you’ve just finished that third jug of long island tea.

So beware and take care. And don’t be silly, cover your willy.

Here’s my facebook link if you wanna see some powerbombing action at Mcdonalds: