indie meat

Outback Delight.

Coventional can get repetitive, especially with food. Each human being could not eat the same meal for the rest of their lives. Even if you could imagine your favourite dish, could you devour it every single, living day of your short reality?

Indomie Goreng – Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner – repeat till you bowels bleed.

Variety is the spice of life. Trying something new each day can revitalise your fascination, and in this case excite your tastebuds. If you’re conservative with your eating habits, why not step out of your shell and try something different. There are almost 195 independent countries in the world, which would equate to double the amount of unique dishes that you could sample.

In China and Korea, you could feast on the ‘Earth’s mutton’; which is dog meat. If your love for the domestic animal is unconditional, then head to Vietnam and feast on some feline instead. However, if domestic animals are really a taboo in your books, Papua New Guinea has an interesting marination process, where certain native ethnic groups, breastfeed piglets and then serve them for dinner.

Even dishes that share familiarity worldwide such as the ‘Burger’ will have a local twist in each country. In Malaysia the Ramly burger has even become a ‘national’ dish.

Visit Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne look out for Banjo’s Burgers stall. If you’re bored of conventional meat such as Chicken, Beef, Lamb, and Fish; Banjo’s Burgers offers an outback selection that’ll keep your eyebrow raised.

Exotic Eatery

A majority cringe when glancing at the sign, but there were those who could not contain their salivation when given the opportunity to consume such creatures that were once not imagined to be settling in your belly.

The line was impressively long, and shriekingmonkeys waited anxiously, but patiently, to join the curious public in devouring these ‘exotic’ animals.

We paid $8.50 for a Kangaroo burger, intimately known as a ‘Roo’ burger, and a ‘croc’ burger for $9.00.

I decided on a Croc burger because I was fed up with the aggresive power of the creature, in instilling fear in human beings (Steve Irwin an exception) with their ferocious teeth and stoic looking stare that shouts ‘Imma eat you bitch’.

Well, crocodile, I had the power now, and you’re in palms waiting to be tortured in my mouth. The tables had turned.

Roo meat is low fat, lean, and is very tender. However it has the qualities of lamb which has a high level of nitrate, which can give you a ‘heaty’ effect and leaving light headed. Croc meat is unique in its taste, it has an ambiguity of tasting like salmon and beef, probably because the animal lives in water and devours human beings (and other forest/bush creatures as well I guess).

It was an interesting meal, and it could be suggested that you could get addicted to croc meat because of its unfamiliar taste. I find some slight guilt in consuming Australia’s icon, because they’re so damn cute, and you could give Roo meat a pass because of its ‘heaty’ qualities. Leave culling kangaroos by running them on the highway (they’re considered a pest now before you judge) and instead consume the cold blooded lizard, and end their tyranny of eating our species.

So when your out next, try something different, if you love meat, try something new, it doesn’t have to be something so outlandish, you could even make peace with the vegeterians and try some Tofu chicken or beef instead. Whatever it is, your tongue is the strongest muscle in the body, and enjoys curiousty with its tastebuds. Do it a favour, try something weird, different, and keep you sense of taste invigorated with something fresh.



(Sketching by ejalmasscomm)

Bumi means Earth

Putera means Prince

Put two and two together

and it becomes,

Earth Prince.

I’m a Earth prince

Are you one too?

I believe in God

Do you too?

I believe He made me from the Earth

I believe He did for you too.

I’m a bit tanned and I think you need one,

You’re so similar, but why are we so

a         p          a           r         t       ?

You live in my land and I live in yours too


You’re an Earth Prince too!

So you think you CAN lie?

The individuals in this world rely too much on what they have and too shy or ashamed to admit what they do not have. If you’re the type person who tries to think their way through about a lie, you’re a common person. Trust me, everyone tries to be that. It’s either that, or you’re just this liar who lies based on emotions. There are two types of liars I can positively say;

One being a liar who focus on their words, situations and what would be wise to say based on how a character would rather believe it. They think only HOW to make this person or target, to believe every word. This falls into the category of Artistic liars. Do not be fooled by the category, it’s still not a compliment.

Two, being one individual who chooses to lie ignorantly, only wanting the listener to think of an individual as a cool, badass or a god to some level. This is because they don’t care about their choices of words or tone of voice, they only speak with their heart which generally results into almost ANYONE, seeing you coming from a hundred miles away. This category however, are Autistic Liars! Do not take the word autistic wrongly as I am not making fun of any disability of  a human being. I just fairly believe that people who suffers from autism should be called people seeing that they are genuinely honest people. However people who lies in an obvious manner without thinking with some unnatural sense of stupidity, are more deserving to be called autistic.

Autistic liars

These two common attributes as a liar. A common lie generally starts from not wanting to look like you know nothing, here is a very bad example;

Aizat : Hey dude, have you heard of this book called ‘A Step away from heaven? (Not real book)

Amir: Yes, of course. erm, its by that writer.. ah I forgot his name. ( all lies)

Aizat: Smirnoff Robert (not an actual person)

Amir: Yup that’s the one (another lie)

Bare in mind, this example may seem very futile however there is no companion of tone of voice to make it sound credible.

Tip: You could wait for him to guess and not help him with the name at all. Just let him guess. In fact, tell him/her that you know who it is but you just want to see if they know.


EVERY MOTHER FUCKER does this, or at least they have done this before. It’s a basic lie in preventing that you don’t want to sound like you don’t know anything and wanting to sound smart. Well guess what, everyone does it because we’re egoistic cunts!

However, if you’re aware of your actions, you’re one step closer in becoming a completely honest person. The best part is, if you’re aware of yourself doing it, you’re aware when others do it. You just recognized the pattern oh so well.

An emotional compulsive liar, usually doesn’t get far. They think its believable to others mostly because people choose to just keep quiet about it and just listen. Of course me, I do admit, I had my horrible compulsive liar days but after learning the fine master art in honesty and being humble in what you know, you’re in another top of a game to piss people off.

Please remind yourself, if you think you’re easily conquered emotionally such as updating facebook status and put your angry bad ass scolding statements for a desperate cover up of your wrong doings OR even if you cannot accept mistakes of your own because you trust your judgement of character and no one elses,  you’re bound to be a horrible liar. People can see right through you. Its a whole different level of Self-righteous people, its an extreme one. Personally, its easy to read them, its better to press their buttons due to obvious surface.

Why do you think it wasn’t fun for me anymore? I think its called growing up

Artistic liars

The dangerous part among the smart compulsive liars, is the art of it. The art is simple, jumble up your lies with some actual truth. Here is another bad example:

Amir: Hey dude, do you have some ciggies left?

Ariff: I do but I actually have 2 left man and I’d like to have it all. (The truth is that there are ciggies, but there’s actually 6 and you want them all to yourself)

In a way, this will result the person who asks, to not check and therefore believes this lie.

Among the best lies, are basically mixing with logical well research knowledge, with the lie

A clearly bad example:

A story about how you went clubbing last night and probably boned a chick.

Now to make this true, the premise of the story is there, but how you tell it has to be logical, some sense of reject and shame towards you only implies that “someone who shares a mistake has a sense of humour about themselves”

“Dude, last night was so embarrassing man, I got rejected by this chick who looks horribly pretty but she turned me down, however her friend, well she was quite hot and she was a little noisy in her personality, but what the hell I was drunk man, and I’m sure she was too so we kinda made out and we went over her place and did stuff. I mean she had to be drunk anyways cause we woke up hours later and we kinda felt awkward and fuck it was bad”

That CAN be potentially fall into a beautiful lie especially if this never happened. But in those words and proper tone of voice, anyone could pull that off. Yes, ANYONE.

Some people, would go to an extend of MAKING the lie true. In fact, prime example was my Korean Fencing Coach. He wanted to skip a meeting among the Malaysian Korean Sports association due to personal reasons telling that he will be heading to Johor Baru to check on some available lands. The only lie about that sentence, is that he never planned to go, but the available land at Johor are true. So by making sure that the lie stays intact, he buys himself  a bus ticket to Johor eventually so thus, making the lie, a complete truth.

Corrupted liars

Ignorant bad liars, usually rely on their own imaginative world. What they strictly irrationally believe, is what you will hear. Sometimes you would hear a man saying that he knows a big time drug dealer who is not afraid of smoking grass in public in front of cops in Malaysia, and his name is Mouse, Curly or Evo Yes I have heard them all. He/she claims that [Insert name here]  is his/her good friend, of course when you ask him what is their real name, they just simple say that they have no clue of their good friends name and says how nicknames are often the ones you remember. Tsk.

Desperate Liars

Liars never know when to back down. They swear either in gods name when people truly do not believe them even when its obvious that the lie is already floating on water. This is when they’re desperate. God must be proud of us.

“God must LOVE stupid people, he made so many”

The most common of liars getting caught, are usually the ones who lie to get sympathy. Its the whole I have been beaten up, I have been bullied till I bled and yes, some even crossed the point where they say they have cancer. These are also common liars and I will forgive you if you behave that way when you’re still in high school, but not when you’re in your late 20’s up to the age when you’re a parent of 5 children.

Of course there are people who desperately cover their tracks by maybe TRYING TOO HARD to convince good friends or even NOT closest friends via status updates, bitching without giving that person a chance to speak and listen to their opinions. Its true, its not always a lie. It could however either be you’re lying desperately OR you’re just emotionally unstable which is another different topic to talk about.

Tip: Always think of your sentence and logic without any religious or spiritual guidance to lie. It never works. As I said before, lying with emotions never works.

Sometimes, the most random and unthinkable made up event could suffice. Example: I came back home very late once, way past the time my parents wanted me home which was 3. I came back around 5 instead and I was preparing what sort of excuse to make my mother believe me. I took off my boxers and pour water all over it and went home facing my mom. Before she could even say anything, all I said was I shat in my pants and I was washing this thoroughly to kill the smell.

She believed me fully and excused me. Ooo Rah!

Honesty, the best and horrifying weapon of all

I am not encouraging liars to learn how to lie. Please do bare in mind, if you lie too much and when you get caught, Yes, WHEN you get caught. People will always remember, if you are able to lie to a good friend, she/he could always lie to you as a best friend as well. Yes, we all lie to our parents about many things and it usually starts from there. You start off by coming up with a believable lie with them, and slowly you start putting it on your own friends who would run in a burning building for you. Do not get addicted to it, or else you’ll just be one of those typical compulsive lying uncles/aunties in the late future and create stories for reputation sake, slowly building lies to cover up another lie, and it goes completely out of control. No one can be a Mr Ripley, and if can, you had better not have any friends.

Never once think that you can make a living tool for the rest of your life lying, you will waste a great fortune of living itself.

Why I say honesty is the best answer? Because you’re one of a kind walking on earth if you are able to say that you genuinely do not understand or have no knowledge of what a person is talking about, that shows you want to learn about it and by asking that, you can always argue or debate to win another day. Honesty can make you patient as well, trust me. It makes you humble. You know when elder people look down on you based on seniority? Don’t be pissed off and bullshit your way through just to win an argument with them. They can see it from a mile away and the more they will label you as a typical rebellious kid. In fact, take pleasure in knowing that it angers you. It proves their point. We do not want to be typical. We want to be remembered! We want them to feel threatened of our sincerity in our honest opinions and able to say a respond with no sarcasm, smart ass remarks or even lies to just win an argument.

We want them to fear the feel of envious to a much younger person than they are.

“If you’re a compulsive liar at the age of 20, its normal. But if you’re still a compulsive liar when you’re 50, its a shameful breed of human beings”

Take advantage of that! That is how you can beat the system.

So it comes back to the main topic, so you think you can lie?

Read between the lines.

Read between the lines

This is a message to you compulsive liars, liars and retired liars. Especially the ones who think they never got caught. Trust me, you’re probably listed as a liar already. People are just nice enough to not say shit to shame you.

Lying is like shooting a gun. You always think once you have the gun, you can shoot them. They are thinking the exact same things about you. If you can catch others to lie, they are probably doing the same shit to you.

Obviously you could or should not feel that a hairy tailed living creature as myself doesn’t lie anymore. That would be a lie. Its only human anyways, but just a view of how a human mind could stretch in some extreme just like religion and political views.

Lets not create varieties of colourful lies. A white lie could already paint the colour of chaos.

Hope to never get caught - possible true meaning

$14 steaks and Beer!

Cool place.

A fan of a cheap meal and cheap brew? Or a meal that will invigorate your taste buds at a very reasonable price?

If you’re in Melbourne and its a Thursday evening, let your cravings for a juicy steak overcome that strict diet of yours ,and head over to La Roche cafe and restaurant on Acland Street in St Kilda, and chomp in their offer of a steak and beer meal priced happily at $14.

Mouth Orgasm

I had mine done well done, drenched with mushroom sauce, and with a side of mashed potatoes. What occured after placing the piece of cooked dead carcass in my mouth, was that tears appeared from my eyes, and angels circled my temple and gave me a mouth massage.

Month Key, Escape to Neverland

This fellow monkey friend of ours has trampled his own steps by sinking into quicksand that he himself has created. He runs around on land when its faster traveling on tree’s where banana’s are the main motivation of what’s pulling his strings at the moment.

He thinks back, no one he knows its wrong but the tree’s are favouring him by knowing that this journey has ended.

This monkeys cries and cries, and he knows, oh, he utterly knows that the some banana’s are simply just rotten and some banana’s are simply just edible. He eats them for the sake of being a monkey, but yet he does question does apples taste better? There’s no such restriction of his ethics but yet somewhat believes that the established jungle laws, simply does not apply.

His monkey lady ripped his heart out and ate everything with eyes and says “I never appreciated you, and you are simply bizarre ever since you made a banana for me.” Nothing hurts this monkey more than anything else, but of course knowing that whats unique can somewhat turn common. He accepts that his perception of monkeys has turned to common people.

He jumps around other tree’s to see other views of the method jumping, but yet finds himself high on burning herbs. Trust the monkey when he says “nothing hurts more to see that you’re jumping art in defending your friends, are worth every penny is just less appreciated.”

Its a typical teenage life for most monkeys, but its apparently quick and ignorant of its foundation of flying and about, hoping that a sharp edge of wood would slit this monkey’s wrist. At least he died high.

This is a monkey tale is a monkey’s view about life, what more could a monkey ask for when he meets Gandhi. Another monkey that decides to stop everything through starvation. This monkey would kill to die in vain like Gandhi did. Its just that this monkey has lost his touch in being the greatest pals for other monkeys that he simply becomes creepy. Monkey finally finds justice, a woman supposedly completely blind, but when this monkey inspect its blind folded cloth, there’s a hole in it somewhere. She whispers to this monkey “I’m bored of weighing whats right, I just get the kick of seeing whats appreciated as human simply die with agony”

This monkey pauses, and felt bewildered of such statements and decides to walk to what the religions call, the golden path and finds another woman famous for her lovely charm laying her head on this monkey’s shoulder and holding hands, but whispers, “this means nothing to me, and you’re nothing in trade for”

This monkey flies off to another place only to find a slot of redemption and suffering. Based on adrenaline rush, he jumps on suffering to truly know, how heartless an ape can be. A female ape appears, and mentions “despite your efforts and quality of a friend, you are eventually zero quality.

Yes you have made me laugh, and yes you have made me felt inspired, but I am willing to throw you aside in a complete heartless way”

This monkey offers nothing left. His heart is nothing left and he now jumps around the same old trees.

He questions the nature and finds that he either dies of being gunned down, or befriends with Hunter, and share the same fate by blowing his monkey brains along with him. He eventually found paradise in feeling nothing.

Please kill me

A glitch with the warning packets

Which is my pack?

Smoking is bad.

All smokers understand this fact, that smoking cigarettes can lead up to physiological diseases that can affect the many organs in your biological system. Various awful diseases are attributed to smoking and have been proven medically. The dangers of smoking have been regularly mediated to the general public, and it is safe to say that everyone is educated that the negativities overcomes the positives when you smoke. So why do we still smoke?

Because Nicotine is so fucking good.

I’m not going to go on why smokers should stop, or present ways how a smoker can stop; Because smokers know they should stop, we understand that our health is slowly deteriorating with each puff of a stick, and the probability of complications that will arise in the future will happen. However, we stand defiant, and tell our lungs “Fuck you” and tell our brains that “You only live once.”

Humans are arrogant and we take things for granted, we let our egos and prides go astray when dealing with our own lives, especially our health, we understand that if you want to achieve something you have to work hard towards it, and this understanding is relevant with giving up the smokes.

I reiterate that this post is not about quitting.

We were taught way back in school that a cigarette has almost 1000 chemicals in one stick, and that its yucky. We’re constantly reminded by each pack with the various extremely graphic images with sliced brains, dead fetuses, and gangrened feet.

However, it still doesn’t get in our heads that its bad – Because it feels so damn good.

I fit in the category of this social ignorance, I smoke at no smoking signs, in the lift, and even when I have a violent cough when I have a flu.

Off topic, or on topic, in which this post is meant to be about -Is that the images purported on the cigarette packets have evidently found a loophole with the images, which have worked in the advantage of smokers.


I found that when I’m enjoying coffee, or a friend comes over to mine, we chuck our packets onto the table and follow on with our conversation. After when were about to depart, there’s always the confusion with which pack of cigarettes belong to us if we are smoking the same brand:

“Dude, which ones my pack?” asks Aizat.

“I’m not sure dude?” says Ariff.

“Oh wait, I remember, mine had a dead foetus on it” says Aizat.

I’ve found that the photos have evidently become a unique and great identifier in such situations, with various graphics printed on each pack, there’s a high chance that when you and your friends are having a smoke, everyone has a different image. So you know which ones your pack.

Primarily, its a way that the government would like to spread and acknowledge the different types of horrors that will occur, but they’ve done a nice favor for the smoker community in allowing us to contrast our cigarettes with our cohorts, so we don’t accidentally take the wrong packet home.

So I thank the Government’s around the world for being very concerned about public health, and to constantly remind us about the dangers with cigarettes. However, we, the smokers, do understand that you also enjoy the tax revenue from our demise in our health, so we repay you back by smoking more. A lot more. Until our lungs fucking collapse.

Good Vibrations Melbourne

You could define a good day when everything goes your way, when nothing can take you off your stride. Stresses and slight irritations are brushed aside because of the euphoric emotions flowing through your veins.

Sunday was a great day.

Good Vibrations at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne had the perfect concoction for a festival – Clear Skies, 25 degree weather, and a great line up to spice up a sober Sunday in Victoria. Its really hard to pick and mix when attending a festival, as a music lover you’d want to attempt to catch everything; especially when the Line up includes: Kid Cudi, Basement Jaxx, Gossip, Salt and Pepa, Armand Van Helden, Busta Rhymes, Friendly Fires, Gym Class Heroes, Naughty by Nature.

Travis Mccoy=Stoner

You’ll find that your spoilt for choice, however, limited in time. And the frustration arises with the fact that humans aren’t able duplicate themselves and attend each stage. However, priorities are always set by the heart, and you’ll find that you follow what you want to listen to, either inspired by the overwhelming energy of the crowd, that ‘panadol’ that random guy gave you, and the vodka slurpee’s that had frozen your brain.

Basement Jaxx

shriekingmonkeys worked through harshness and obstacles evident at all festivals, and pushed through the sore ankles and feet, put up with armpit-in-your-face syndrome, and had just enough adrenaline to battle the fatigue to stay right until the end.

A sound advice is to limber up before attending the event, have a good 20 minute stretch upon entering the vicinity, as it prevents those leg muscles cramping up with all the excessive jumping.

If you also participate in regular cardiovascular exercises beforehand, it proves an advantage in stamina to keep up with the “excessive jumping” too.

57 in attendance!

It was evident that most of the other revelers was going through the same pain, however, put through the tight crowds at the main stage.

All because of the Headliners; Especially as they seem to be quiet evasive in the last couple of weeks.

The Killers were in attendance in Melbourne.

Is your Heart still Beating?

They cancelled Singapore, China, Japan, Perth and Sydney, and there was speculations that they weren’t coming to Goldcoast and Melbourne too. The cancellations were explained recently, where lead singer Brandon Flower’s mother had succumbed to cancer; but by the way that the band had excited Melbourne, Flower’s showed true professionalism, and played his heart out for the very last show of their tour.

Melbourne was flattered.

Overall, Good Vibrations lived up to its name, and those in attendance left exhausted, but  enjoyed a ‘not so quiet’ Sunday filled up with a healthy dosage of good music, good memories and feeling good vibrations in their bones.

Lie Puffing.

Leak from the old beak,

Promises that will seek,

One too many, will they ever meet?

Pinocchio  even turned flesh and meat.

Burn the lowly tip of thy stick,

Watch it ash bit by bit,

Don’t you see the rip?

Life puffs away at your lips,

It ends as quickly as it lits.

Truth is what He knows,

In Him we trust.